Moxa Lady Healing Bag


Best For


All benefit from Baogu Bags. It is especially helpful for sub-health conditions and those who are physically weak.


How to Use


Heat the Moxa Lady Healing Bag in microwave for about 1 minute, and apply it to the body parts experiencing discomfort. Extend or shorten the heating time according to the power of your microwave. It can also be heated using other heating equipment. Keep the bag on your body for at least 20 minutes for a better healing result.


Life Span


A Moxa Lady Healing Bag can be reused for over 10 years.




Please store the Moxa Lady Healing Bag in a dry place.




24 kinds of herbs in the bag work in the meridians of the human body. Applying a Baogu Bag strengthens spleen and kidneys, disperses stagnated liver Qi, clears lungs, and nourishes and calms the heart. The herbs contained in the bag warm Yang, stimulate Qi, and ease conditions caused by wind, cold, damp and stagnation. They may also effectively activate meridians and eliminate swelling and pain. A Moxa Lady Healing Bag boosts the immune system and microcirculation, and detoxifies the body.




24 carefully selected herbs including Moxa, Moxa leaf, Baishao, Mint, Star Anise, Tangerine, Atractylodes, Salvia, Alone, Aconite, Pepper, Licorice, Uncaria, Astragalus, Cork, Musk, Safflower, rose, dandelion, perrin, ginseng, aconite, cumin, tumeric, perilla stem


Clinical Application


It can be widely used for relieving pain in different parts of the body, including headaches, facial pain, shoulder and neck pain, arm pain, chest and abdominal pain, back pain, leg and foot pain, etc. Over the past 18 years thousands of customers have shown no side effects in the application of Baogu Bags.


Available in different sides from CAD70.


Regular size

Double size

Extra-long size


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