Be with someone who makes you feel comfortable

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Picture: Li Xin - Graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Master of Psychosomatic Medicine; studied under the national famous old Chinese medicine doctor Song Yimin.


Health is "normal" and "neutral"

Everything in the whole world is like a huge symphony. It goes with the big symphony of heaven and earth, and it is usually neutral. This is the standard of health.

I am sick, in fact, I am kicking out to God.

Therefore, the disease is called "missing" in ancient times, and the cause is called "missing" or "losing".

So what is health? Health is "often".

Health is not to say that you are ruddy, full of energy, not these things, not how much muscle strength, how much heartbeat...

What is “often”?

It is the most important thing to play with the rhythm of nature in a relatively harmonious relationship with yourself, with society, and with this world.

The weather is hot, others are sweating, and you can sweat too; if you walk for two hours, you can walk. But if others are afraid of cold, you still feel hot; others are sleepy, you can't sleep at three o'clock in the middle of the night, in fact, you can't keep up.

If you feel that you are healthy, this is already very ill.

There are several stages in the eyes of Chinese medicine practitioners. The first stage is the "God" disease.

God is scattered, God is uncertain, and attention is not concentrated. This is one kind.

Sensitive, easy to be motivated by the outside world, temperament, emotion, dynamism, poor self-control, this is the second.

In normal life, sleep well, easy to wake up, afraid of noisy, afraid of black, afraid of ghosts, this is weak.

The disease is serious, the gods are separated, the minds are different, the conflicts in the table, you are not with yourself, the words are insincere, even the emotions can not be sent out, or sent too much.

For example, many variety shows are now too "too", the purpose is to render, provoke emotional outbursts, create obsessed fans, easy to chaos.

There is also "not too late." When you are happy, you have to suppress it, get used to it, and you really can’t be happy.

Too much, too late, are all abnormal.

"When it is timeless," it is also an aberration. When I was happy, I suddenly cried. It was originally sad, but forced to be strong. There are many such situations in real life. This is abnormal.

What is health?

Health is "normal" and "neutral."

Therefore, learning Chinese medicine knows that "I wish you normal everyday" is the greatest blessing.

In the past, the teacher taught me a doctor's advice: a disease, Western medicine does not know what it is, Chinese medicine can not see what is the reason, you do not know how to cure, what should I do? Tune often.

Every time the patient comes back to the clinic, he should ask him about his living condition, eat and drink, and sleep. This is the basic indicator for Chinese medicine.

Eat well? Did you sleep well? Is it moving well? Is it good to pull? Is sweating normal? Especially for chronic diseases, turning his basic indicators to normal means that the vitality is restored and the air machine is becoming more and more normal. At this time, the human body's original vitality can resolve the disease. (Poke this to see "What is the health in the end, you meet a few")

Any disease is like this.

There is now a big misunderstanding: if you are sick, you must cure it, continue to cure it, and continue to cure it.

Therefore, the patient or even the whole family will forget the normal life, no exercise, no life, no entertainment, no love, nothing, only the tension and anxiety to fight the disease.

what is this? Abnormal.

Your swing is being disturbed or even stopped! This situation, even if you have the resources to find the best doctors in the world, is useless. If a person wants to recover, he must enter a real and orderly normal life, and in a state of mutual ups and downs and mutual sympathy, the disease can be slowly turned off.

So for health and conditioning, what really matters is to find the state of peace and comfort as much as possible. The same is true for healthy people. To do the right thing at the right time, in the right place, with the right person, in the right way, this is health. Dharma is called "positive" and "positive".


All diseases are first "God" disease