When you're hurt, what do you hate hearing most?

Who is still alive in life?

Even if you are a Huawei princess, there is a pain that is not known.

The pain will slowly erode you as the years go by, and I always hear the 80-year-old grandmother yelling at the pain here. It’s very slow and hard to see the old man standing down. Please be considerate of them, because they are suffering from pain, maybe waist, or knees – you will appreciate the taste sooner or later.

However, don't think that pain is just a patent for the elderly.

The pain of a young woman’s aunt is the most depressing,

The girl plays a ball and muscles, and the pain is so painful.

The child has a cold stomachache, anxiously getting angry and getting a toothache headache.

The office crowd has long been facing the computer, and the shoulder and neck are sore and painful....

 Life is not easy, why do we have to endure all kinds of pain!

It’s just a pain, but there are some rootless tendons that send words and give you something to stimulate:

Hot Water Party:

Aunt hurts: "Drink more hot water"

Headache: "Drink more hot water"

Back pain: "Drink more hot water........"

Do you really want to pour hot water onto the Ta head?

There is more:

"You are too squeamy! Isn't it aunt's pain, as for it!"

At this time, although you are so painful that you only have the strength to turn your eyes, but the cracks in your heart are already deep like the Mariana Trench, and the seeds of hatred are sown.

What should I do with such pain?

Eat painkillers? - Are you really sure to deceive yourself, from the body to the nerves, with this last-minute means of blocking the pain of nerve transmission? It is better to stun yourself with a sap, and the side effects may be smaller.

Forbearance? - Are you hating yourself? You have endured so many things that you can't bear, and you have become a ninja. Even the pain of your body is tolerant. It is really unreasonable. You are also a person, and abusing yourself is abusing humanity!