What are the criteria for health?

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

What are the criteria for health? How many do you meet? "Question and Answer Questions" (3)----Discussion on the meaning of "physical and mental health" from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine

Everyone is eager to have healthy, long-lasting health. However, do you know what it means to be "healthy"?

Today, let's talk about the meaning of “physical and mental health” from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine.

1. Grow: What does “physical and mental health” mean?

Reading: The Chinese medicine practitioners said that the “physical and mental health” level, the modern meaning can be measured by eight indicators.

2. Growing: What are the eight indicators that Chinese medicine practitioners say?

Read: These eight indicators usually refer to diet, sleep, bowel movements, urination, sweating, energy, mood, and others.

3. Tillage: What kind of dietary status does the Chinese medicine practitioner say is healthy?

Reading: There is a normal appetite for three meals a day. There is no obvious discomfort before and after meals. Usually, food and water are properly supplemented during the three meals. Other times, if there is no special heavy physical strength and mental activity, basically no. Hunger is not thirsty and does not require snacks or water.

4. Farming: What kind of sleep state is the Chinese medicine practitioners saying?

Read: At night, normal adult sleep time 10-11 points to go to bed, 5-10 minutes after the head touches the pillow, that is, smoothly go to sleep, slight sound or vibration during sleep will not affect sleep, after 7-8 hours of sleep, Wake up automatically, no longer sleep after waking up. There is no tiredness during the day without special tension or pressure.

5. Farming: What kind of stool is the health of the Chinese doctors?

Reading: There is a stool every day before 9 am, the stool water content is moderate, not dry. The defecation process is smooth and usually completed within 1-3 minutes. If you don't get cold or eat other unhealthy foods at other times, you won't have any more stools.

6. Growing: What kind of urination is the health of Chinese medicine practitioners?

Reading: Every morning and afternoon, there are 1-2 times of urination, the urine is not yellow, there is no bubble that does not disappear. The urination process is smooth, completed in one continuous operation, and is usually completed within 10-20 seconds. At other times, even if you have a severe cough or exercise, you will not leak urine.

7. Growing: What kind of sweating is the health of Chinese medicine practitioners?

Reading: Usually at room temperature 20-25 degrees Celsius, the body has no dominant sweat (visible sweat), only hidden sweat (can be seen when wearing a raincoat). In the hot season or the environment, or eating a hot diet or strenuous exercise or excessive tension, or taking a sweaty drug, there will be a dominant sweat, and there must be a dominant sweat.

8. Tilling: What kind of energy situation does the Chinese medicine practitioner say is healthy?

Reading: Usually engaged in normal 8 hours of study or work, no obvious mental and physical fatigue. Unless there are special brain activities such as exams, physical activity such as moving, etc., there is generally no dizziness, head swelling, headache, brain awake, or body aches and weakness.

9. Tilling: What kind of emotional situation does the Chinese medicine practitioner say is healthy?

Reading: Generally speaking, people who are generally unsatisfactory are basically not angry. Even if there are very serious accidents, although there will be some emotions on the surface, the heart is still very calm, can actively adjust, and the emotion will never go out of control.

10. Tilling: What kind of other conditions are the Chinese doctors saying that they are healthy?