Want to double the effectiveness of your precious Moxa bag? It’s important to master these!

The Moxa healing bag is a treasure.

For this, old friends have already had a deep understanding.

Its magical effect will make people more and more like it. In the future, we will share the benefits and feelings of some friends from the Moxa healing bag, and welcome friends to leave a message.

And if this treasure can be used correctly, it will fully play its role and give users the greatest benefit.

Everyone may feel that the treatment of the Moxa healing bag is particularly good when coming to the clinic. The doctor placed a number of warm Moxa healing bags in different parts of the body, and instantly felt a healing force throughout the body, and the uncomfortable symptoms were immediately relieved. Therefore, the position of Moxa healing bag is very particular. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction to the relevant use of Moxa healing bag. After going home, according to the method of Chinese medicine, the baby power will multiply instantly.

    Moxa healing bag has the principle and characteristics of powerful healing power: it can treat people through the meridian system of the human body. The meridian is where the energy of the human body works. If the energy of the human body works particularly smoothly, people will not get sick. This is why the Moxa healing bag can reduce, treat and prevent diseases because it can dredge the meridians. Moxa healing bag contains 24 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines, which can be placed in different parts of the human body to act on different meridians of the human body, and play the role of meridian dredging. When it is applied to the kidney, the impurities in the kidney and the bladder can be removed. When it is applied to the bladder, the impurities in the bladder and kidney can be removed. Moxa healing bag also has a nourishing effect. This nourishing is mainly based on replenishing the dirt. Dirty is: heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney, the pericardium is also the five internal organs, but it has not caused enough attention. In fact, the pericardium is closely related to the secretion of many hormones (hormones) in the body. The heart capsule can be adjusted to regulate the body's hormone system, namely endocrine. system.

The internal organs of the Chinese medicine are corresponding to each other. If the medicine acts on the kidney and affects the bladder, the bladder will also affect the kidney. Similarly, the spleen (pancreas) and the stomach have such a relationship. The spleen is a spleen, and the spleen and stomach are a pair. Generally speaking, if it is good for the spleen, it will also be good for the stomach. Also good for the stomach will also be good for the spleen. Therefore, these 24 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines act on different meridians, and the different meridians are dredged. The function of the organs is normal. After the function of the organs is normal, the structure inside the organs will slowly become normal. In many cases, the Moxa healing bag is placed on some of the larger acupuncture points in the human body. These acupuncture points clear the meridians and slowly affect the function of the organs. Sometimes it can be adjusted directly in the dirty position, but in most cases it is adjusted according to the meridian.

In addition to the bladder (menstrual) and (kidney) are a pair, the spleen (menstrual) and the stomach (menstrual) are a pair, the heart (menstrual) and the small intestine (menstrual) are a pair, the large intestine (menstrual) and the lung (menstrual) Is a pair, pericardium (jing) and triple coke (jing) are a pair, pericardium (jing) and trifocal (menstrual) are largely related to the body's energy, but also related to the body's endocrine system, hormone (hormone) system, It is related to the body's defense system, the immune system. The body's immune system has been recognized late, and it has only begun to be recognized in recent decades. The past medicine did not realize its importance. Now we recognize that the hormones (hormones) produced by the human endocrine system have such a strong effect, and hormones (hormones) are particularly important in the human body in relation to the trifocal (message) and pericardium (menstrual). Therefore, at present, the distress and the sputum of the pericardium and the triple coke are gradually taken seriously.

When we apply the Moxa healing bag, we place it on several important big points.

  The first one is also the one that is used the most. Shenque points have Peiyuan Guben, Huiyang rescue, and stomach function. Placed in the Shenque point directly acts on Renmai. Renmai starts from the lower part of the human face and reaches the lowest point of the human torso. When the person was in the mother's womb, Renmai was originally unblocked, but when we were born, the umbilical cord connected to the mother was cut, and a natural inaccessible place, the position of the navel. We used the Moxa healing bag on the navel position to connect the Renmai. The energy of Renmai is smooth, the digestion and absorption of the human body will become better, and the veins are absorbed and absorbed by the Lord. Therefore, placing it in the navel position is preferred.

  The second position is the Yongquan point of the foot. The role of placing the foot and heart of the spring is to tonify the kidney. If the human body is likened to a tree, the kidney is equivalent to the root of the tree. We fertilize and water the roots. If the roots are adjusted, the tree will grow better if it is only in the leaves. Spraying water on the branches and fertilizing them is not easy to absorb and waste a lot. Therefore, Yongquan Point is the second most important acupoint.

  The third is the life gate. The life gate is located on the governor's pulse. It is literally understood. It is the door of energy of life, that is, the energy of our body. The heat is coming out through the life gate. If the energy stored in the human body is a gas tank, then the life gate is the outlet of the gas tank, and the outlet is opened. After the fire is ignited, the human body is warm, so it is called the fire of the door. The fire of the life gate is enough, and the body is not afraid of cold. Therefore, often using the Moxa healing bag in the life door, can make our body not afraid of cold. For another example, the atmospheric temperature on the surface of the earth is mainly maintained by the heat inside the earth's core. If the heat of the life door is replenished, it is equivalent to maintaining the heat of the earth's center, and the temperature of the earth's surface will be normal. The body's heat can be maintained normally. The human body has two heat sources, one is the kidney, which is equivalent to the center of the earth, and the second is the heart, which is equivalent to the sun. When the sun is in the foot, the earth will be warmer, and the sun will be cold in the rainy days. But this is only a few dozen degrees of change. If there is no geocentricity, the temperature change of the earth's surface during the day and night may be in the range of several thousand degrees, because there is no core inside the earth and there is no source of heat. Therefore, the body temperature of the human body is mainly dependent on the kidney, which is equivalent to the heat of the earth's heart. The body temperature may increase due to eating, drinking hot water, exercise, etc., and the temperature change is a few degrees. When we are quiet, the body temperature is lower, such as when sleeping; when the activity is higher, the temperature is only a few degrees. . The heart also has an effect on the temperature of the human body, but like the sun to the earth, the temperature changes caused by it are not too great.

Moxa healing bags are usually placed on the abdomen and waist and are rarely placed on the chest because they are heavier. At the same time, the heart is the sun, the sun is a fire, so the chest is usually more fire, try to avoid placing in the chest. In addition to the belly button, the foot and the back of the gate,