The respected Master Baogu, also named Qianguang (about 309-363 A.D), was a famous health-preserving professional during the Jin Dynasty. The first expert to utilize moxibustion for curing diseases. She was the daughter of Baoliang, Prefecture Chief of the South China Sea in Guangdong, also the wife of Gehong, a prominent doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Baogu, inspired by her father from her youth, invented moxibustion, resulting in her unparalleled skills. Together with aiye and duckwood, she treated local people’s diseases in Yuegangyuan, Guangzhou. Her highly developed skills often brought an instant cure. The local public called her “the Immortal Baogu”, and built a “Baogu Ancestral Hall” to commemorate her and pay their respect.

In honor of this great Chinese medicine woman, and because many of our products have Bao Gu inheritance, so we use Bao Gu as our brand. Also represents the high quality of our products, outstanding effect and the deep concern for the people's health.

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